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Elyrium Studios is a budding software development and game design studio that was created by 4 friends who equally share a passion for creative storytelling and game design. With years of combined experience in software development, marketing and branding, filmmaking, project management, music composition, coding and graphic design, together they combine into a unique and unstoppable story telling force, creating unforgettable experiences and magical journeys through mystical realms, to the bottom of the sea, to deep space and beyond!



Growing up, the fantastical worlds Zari visited through countless books, movies, and video games helped shape him into the visonary and thought provoking artist that he is today. Over the last 10 years and using numerous mediums, Zari has won awards for his creativity, originality, and unique story telling capabilities. His passion for creating video games is rivaled only by his ability to score emotionally gripping musical compositions for them.



If you ever wondered what a swiss army knife would look like in female form, look no further than Allie. Her creativity and passion for design is sharp, clever, and spot on no matter the genre and art style. Capable of being a one-woman wrecking ball, Allie is able to bring life and soul to any art she touches, and knows how to get the most out of the overall vision from her talented team of designers.


Royce is our real life Elyrium resident cyborg… Seriously he has been developing software since 2001 and can literally code with his eyes closed! After graduating from West Chester University (WCU) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, he began developing software while leading teams of engineers with unparalleled precision. Looking for a reboot, Royce returned to his source code and passion of designing video games!



Rory enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Emily and dog Finn when he is not coaching youth hockey in the Midwest. He graduated with a Masters Degree from UW-Whitewater and has been programming for over two years. Rory is passionate about quality game development and helping others with career and personal growth. 

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